Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Your Life Purpose

The single most important vision or perception by the human mind in the world is to know your ‘Life Purpose’ and living it. 

What is Your ‘Life Purpose’?

Your ‘Life Purpose’ is the reason for your being.Your ‘Life Purpose’ is your soul psychology, bliss, what you came here to do on this Earth, what you were destined to play your role as a human being. Your ‘Life Purpose’ means your right life; the true you yourself who when live effortlessly the life you were meant to live. This is not necessary that you are efficient in is your Life Purpose.By having discovered Your Life Purpose you can get back on track with what you were put here to do. This is possible that you might not be living the life you were meant to live.

Yes, these show what you can enjoy to excess, where you were destined to spend most of your life. These show you can live your passion and earn too and the life truly feels most meaningful, where your high consciousness wants to dwell in. Your Life Purpose is your soul psychology and bliss to know and live accordingly. If you are living your Life Purpose you are in harmony with God’s Will. Blessed is the person, who has found his /her work, Life Purpose, you don’t need to ask him/her for any further blessedness.
We do in this world as we have been programmed or pre-destined from the very beginning and God does whatever He wills.

You can have an existence, be the change you want to see in the world, by getting unleashed your ‘Life Purpose’ and get paid for your passions! These are like God’s permanent orders for you. Know their meanings to know yourself and live accordingly to really enjoy life and be happy. Your Life Purpose in your fingerprints confirms your own sense of who you are and what your life is all about.

Know, decide and live Your ‘Life Purpose’ to eradicate doubts sorrows from your life and to really enjoy your life which you were meant to live.

You can know your Life Purpose by having a Hand Analysis Session in person or having a written report on-line based on your scanned pictures of your palms of the hands.


I strongly urge you to get your hands analyzed if you haven't already. At our workshop we are repeatedly told that a client’s hand analysis session saved them many long tired years of therapy! Because they now know there are many benefits of knowing your ‘Life Purpose’.

Main Benefits of Hand Analysis are:

1. It can bring fulfillment in your life.By grasping the significance of knowing your Life Lesson’s role in your life you can access the fulfillment that only living your Life Purpose can bring.
2. Your Life Purpose provides a “road map” which when you use can significantly reduces or eliminates the stress of indecision or fear of a wrong choice when facing major decisions in life.
3. Your Life Purpose re-enforces the sense of peace joy and satisfaction that comes from spending more time, money and energy in areas that is congruent with your purpose.
4. Knowing your Life Purpose will help chart the path toward making a difference in the world.
5. This allows you to focus more clearly on what matters most to you.
6. Clarifying your life purpose becomes the key to unlocking your passion for life. Passion is essential for success.
7. When you live on your life purpose you become unstoppable. The longer you live true to your life purpose the more you allow your purpose to shape your life. You find that a little patience, coupled with persistence would go a long way.

What you would receive in the hand-analysis report?

Your complete hand analysis report that will consist highlights of your: Character, Works, Love & Relationship and ‘Life Purpose’. I strongly advise you to get your hands analyzed if you haven't so far because your fingerprints give wonderful, accurate, important information about you about Your Destiny in every field of your life, like about your talent, love, family, profession, your potentialities, power, weakness, your health, reputation, your foreign travel etc. You are your fingerprints.

Claim the hand-analysis report. I take US$149=00 only as my service charges. You can send money through ‘Western Union’ money transfer system. For this you will need my particulars.

My particulars are:
Name: Parender M S Sethi
Address: A-3, Pratap Nagar, Opposite Hotel Panna.
Town: Chittorgarh, State: Rajasthan, Country: India.

If you are in India you can send on-line or a deposit Rs.9,100=00 only in my PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Saving Bank Account number 0579000100154503 or in ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE Saving Bank account number 14412191004454 or in ICICI Saving Bank Account number 064601501873 situated at Chitorgarh Rajasthan India. If you like to have an online palm reading; please follow the instructions mentioned above and email me the palm photos at parendersethi@gmail.com requesting a reading and I will take photos from there. Thank you for your time and attention. Wish you Good Luck!

As one unique big idea can double revenue in your business; put yourself into your Life Purpose for increased success in your life today by claiming your report. My report on your fingerprints based on my life time experience can ignite movements that will stretch you to do more and become more. Wish you abundance!

Parender Sethi

                              “The Master Hand Analyst for your Essence of Life Journey”Parender Sethi

Mr.Sethi, ‘All your explanations are perfect. You have actually read about what’s
going on in my mind currently. I was worrying unnecessarily. A deep heart
felt thank you. Your words have ignited a spark of strength in me. Thanks
a lot. Regards”-Siddhartha.

Hi Mr.Sethi, your prediction is absolutely correct. Thanks for your accurate prediction.

Hi Sethi,
I really appreciate your knowledge. You are absolutely right to a ‘T’. It seems you are sitting in my head and reading my life very smoothly. -Robert.

Hi Sethi,
Thank you so much for analyzing my palms. It was accurate.
Good luck with your book. Do keep us posted on its progress; I'll be
the first one to buy it!-Dennis.

Hi Sethi Sir,
Wow! Thanks a lot for analyzing our hands and deciphering our Life Purpose and
Life Lesson in a written report. We were waiting very anxiously for that.
This is astonishing how much is revealed from reading a hand only.
It seems you know us from last many years. We will do exactly as you have advised us.
We are happy and satisfied. That was our best investment in our life- Jennifer

Dear Sir,
Tears rolled on to my cheeks as i read the report many places, where the report was so accurate as if you were watching my life closely. Astonished by knowing the fact that, by looking at my hands, you can actually see my life very closely. My sincere Pranams to you Sir.

You are right. I haven't found my true love and affection from my parents as well as my husband. I am abandoned.14 years I've been married. The dreams i had about my life with my husband after marriage, never lived. There is a huge amount difference of opinion between us and he never been supportive. I value your consultancy hope it will be useful.Thank you Sir,
Want a Reading?
I will give you my best reading consisting complete hand analysis in written form by e-mail in a Microsoft Word Document form using all the three keys of Palmistry. For this I will need scanned pictures of your palms. Read ahead for how you can have those scanned pictures and send me through e-mail.

How you can have the written report for yourself?

First of all know what you need to do. Prepare scanned photos of your full palms and send in .jpg format, from fingertips to wrist, in a natural position and send me through e-mail. Before you send it, please make sure all the fingerprints are visible, if not then please try again! You can ask any question you might have thought of, e.g. about a particular hand feature or particular area of your life you are concerned about along with your birth particulars i.e. date, time and place of birth.

How to prepare your hand pictures?

The quality of the reading depends on the quality of the prints, so it is worth taking time to get good hand prints. Please make sure I can see all the lines, markings, fingerprints and skin ridges on the pictures.

Scanning tips:

Scan left and right hand separately or simultaneously as you wish from palm side and reverse side too to analyze nails and texture of the skin. Remember, the prints must allow me to read the fingerprints. Lines must be clearly visible on the pictures. Also please tell me your gender and which is your dominating hand, whether you are left, right or ambidextrous. Send this information to me through e-mail to get the written report. The e-mail ID is: parendersethi@gmail.com

While placing your hands on the scanning glass the hands need to be placed in a natural position with a little gentle pressing over the glass, but, do not press your hands too hard down otherwise it will distort the picture. You may place a towel over the scanner to stop external light creeping in. with the hand aligned straight with the wrist onto the scanner - don't move your hand while scanning! I need a scan of the whole hand from wrist to fingertips, and it must be clearly shown. I will also need the percussion pictures i.e.side view of the palms under the little finger of both the hands to analyze your love/affection/marriage, relationship.

Collectively the single point agenda that keeps me going is to make a positive difference to your life.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy!
Parender Sethi your hand analyst for your abundance and happiness.

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