Monday, October 5, 2015

Gaping hole:
"Gaping hole" is a set phrase, it means that something is missing there. In a way at the Richard Unger’s IIHA teachers and students use the phrase to signify life ‘without meaning’, ‘without purpose’. Most people found themselves appeared to be there in the gaping hole at some time or other in their lives, feeling trapped, unable to progress and struggling and finding no way to escape. If there could be anything so painful, embarrassing, awkward position in a person’s life than this? Neither get consumed by the big gaping hole nor think that it would always be so.

Some of my clients told harder they tried, took chances to escape but of no avail and remained there trapped and wasted important time of their lives in the gaping holes because lack of direction and guidance. If you find yourself gripped in the gaping hole and find it difficult to escape you need not to waste lifetime living there anymore. Because one of the major benefits of knowing and living your ‘Life Purpose’ -deciphered by your fingerprints- is that it provides a way out, a particular method to get rid of the pain of being in gaping hole and later being successful.

It saves you the time money and energy being wasted in struggling finding the way out of gaping hole. Study of fingerprints and hand analysis as a whole helps you to know your reality enjoy living a ‘more satisfied’, ‘most meaningful life’ later. Your fingerprints show you all this.

You can ring out doubts, sorrows, regret and pain,
Ring in rewards, peace, joy and gain,
By living your ‘Life Purpose’ which convey what to do,
You can earn just as well and live your passion too.
Your ‘Life Purpose’ your destiny is literally in your hands revealed by your fingerprints and are formed 5 months before your birth and never change.
To be successful and really enjoy your life; know the truth about you then be yourself.

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